You Are What You Eat (Why Fresh Ingredients Are Important)

Bellizzi Natural and Organic Ingredients

Bellizzi uses All Natural Ingredients

In Michelle Obama’s address to the National Restaurant Association, September 13, 2010, she discussed the importance and responsibility restaurants have with regards to the health of Americans today.  The facts she went over are as such:

  • 1 of every 2 dollars spent on food goes to meals outside the home (double what it was 1/2 a century ago)
  • 1/3 of all meals are eaten at restaurants
  • Restaurant owners are responsible for 1/3 of the calories children take in daily

“Origin of the word Restaurant in French is to “Restore”.  Some of the first restaurants actually emphasized their ability to make people healthier and cure what ailed them” – Michelle Obama

Bellizzi has always tried to live up to this standard and has included quality, natural ingredients within our pizza and entrées for quite some time.  Our choice to cook with fresh natural ingredients is not a popular trend, but rather one made for philosophical and healthy living reasons. 

We are dedicated our customers well-being and producing high quality food. This is why it is important for us to use natural and organic ingredients. Not only does cooking with natural and organic materials mean a healthier environment by not allowing pesticides and herbicides to contaminate soil and groundwater but it also means greater tasting food!  Bellizzi will be launching feature blog articles of some of the natural ingredients we utilize. We are doing this so our fans and customers are in the know of what they are putting into their bodies.  So stay tuned to the Bellizzi Blog if you want to know what you are when you eat at Bellizzi!

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