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eautiful to me means being able to spend time with family and friends. Laugh, share, play, learn and just have fun. Building a foundation together that will last a lifetime. The memories we make today will be the reflection of our tomorrow.

I was born in a small town in southern Italy called Solano, Passo Povarello, in Reggio Calabria. The things that I remember most had to do with eating celebrations. My family owned a cantina that served local food and homemade wine. It was a meeting place where people could have a conversation, eat, drink and on special occasions, dance the tarantella.
Isi with Pizza
Many of the recipes that we share in our restaurant today came from my mother’s kitchen and are generations old. Each year when the wheat was harvested, families took turns using the town “forno” (which means oven). First they made the bread, and then they made the most delicious pizza.

In April of 1968 my parents, my brother and I left Italy. We sailed aboard the Michelangelo toward the shores of a place so many paisans referred to as the land of the beautiful dream – America. So true. We arrived in Mt. Kisco, New York, in May of 1968. This to me is the land of “bellizzi.”
Bellizzi in 2010!
My dream has always been to build a restaurant where people can come to dine in a warm atmosphere of hospitality and fun. I strive to stay true to the values and traditions of my youth while embracing the challenges of the present and nurturing the hopes of the future.

My biggest motivation comes from the support, love and inspiration of my parents, my brother, my wife and my three sons. They are my pride and joy. I promise to always remain young at heart and for Bellizzi to always have pizzazz!